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The Wiki (Encyclopedia) about Tractors And Construction Plant that anyone can edit. For collecting of information about the History of all makes and models manufactured and sold or imported in the world. The collecting and preservation of machines in the UK

Basically anything Tractor or Plant related, from the Earliest Steam Engines & Steam Shovels to the latest 500 hp Quadtrac type Tractors. Plant from Giant Electric Face Shovels or just a Micro Digger. Also covers the Heavy Haulage Trucks and machinery to transport equipment about and the earlier trucks, with Stationary Engines & Agricultural Implements as well.

For Collectors or just the Interested including Collections, Shows, Clubs, Owners Groups, Scale Models, Etc.

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All Tractor related articles are in this area From the first steam tractors to the most modern Multi-wheeled high (500hp +) Machines of today. The first engine driven tractor is believed to be the Hart-Parr in the USA in 1902.

Construction Plant

All Construction Plant related Articles From the First Steam Navy in 1796 to the 10000 Ton Mining Machines of modern opencast mines, And the 60m reach demolition machines to down to 300Kg Micro excavators. Powered Barrows up to 60 ton capacity ADT's. Highly popular collectible machines like the JCB 1 Digger and Cat D2 Tractor and many other early machines.

Heavy Haulage

The Movement of this sort of large machinery also involves the the use of specialist Heavy Haulage transport. The Various specialist machinery involved and related articles are under this section.

Scale Models of Tractors and Construction Plant

The collection of Models is a popular Hobby. There are a vast range available in a wide range of prices from a few £ to Museum grade solid brass accurate models costing £1000's each. Models of Tractors and Plant The range available is increasing rapidly. There is also the building of precision scale working models (replicas) of steam engines at various scales from 1/2 size (6" scale) down to 1/12 (1" scale). Engineering Models which are fully functioning often built from kits of machined parts, but can be scratch build by machining lumps of metal.

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April - Tractor and Construction Plant

Tractor Wiki Created April 2008 to Provide a online Encyclopedia for everything to do with Tractors and Construction Plant. Manufactures, Models and Versions, Preservation and Restoration of machines, Collections, Clubs, Events and Shows.

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Up coming Shows and Meets

(Updated May 2010)

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2012 Events List

Great Dorset Steam Fair on ? September 2012. The largest Show for collectors of all types of Machinery, not just Steam Engines, Tractors, Rollers, and Showman's Engines and Rides. There is an Extensive collection of Early Tractor's on show as well as Construction Plant and a working demonstration area. Heavy Haulage is featured from Early Steam Traction up to Massive Modern Tank transporters. Huge Steam Fairground area with restored rides and modern ones. Show held adjacent to Blanford Camp, Blanford Forum, Dorset, England.

Recent Events & Shows Reports Coming soon with photo galleries


Section for information on Clubs and for Owners Groups and collectors. Information about any clubs and Owners Groups, Meeting dates, Membership etc.

Private Collections

There are several collectors with large collections of machines.

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