Toyota Blizzard
Manufacturer Daihatsu
Parent company Toyota
Assembly Japan
Engine(s) Toyota L engine
Related Daihatsu Rugger
Daihatsu Taft
Daihatsu Scat

The Toyota Blizzard is a four-wheel-drive vehicle built by Daihatsu for Toyota from March 1980 into the 1990s. The LD10 Blizzard is based on the Daihatsu Taft (also known as the Daihatsu Scat), but after summer 1984 the LD20, based on the Daihatsu Rugger (Rocky in most export markets), appeared. The Blizzard was only intended for the Japanese domestic market.[1]

It is a rare Toyota vehicle with less than a dozen known examples in North America. Visually very similar to the Daihatsu vehicles, they were rebadged by Toyota and utilize Toyota engines.

The Blizzard was originally equipped with the naturally aspirated L diesel, but beginning in the summer of 1984, they came equipped with the 2.4-litre 2L or the 2L-T turbodiesel. The engines were originally coupled to a Toyota 4-speed manual transmission, while 1983+ models came with a 5-speed.[1] The axles are of a Daihatsu construction.

Manufacturer: Toyota Motor Co.
Model: LD10 Blizzard (1980–1984)
Curb Weight: 1,260 kg (2,772 lbs)
Engine: straight (inline) 4 cylinder
Fuel: diesel
Displacement: 2,188 cc
Bore: 90.1 mm
Stroke: 86.0 mm
HP: 50 kW / 67 hp at 4,200 rpm
TQ: 142 N·m / 104.7 lb·ft at 2,400 rpm


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