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1970s Powerfab towed excavator

2008 relaunched Powerfab at the SED show in 2009

Towed excavators are a design of excavator that does not have a inbuilt system to 'Drive' itself along. e.g it has no transmission to drive the wheels or or is just fiited with a base frame.

Several early machines were of this type, for transport they were towed by a tractor or truck. The most notable machine of this type still in use is the Broyt machines used in quaries. These move locally by walking tham selves with the bucket and arm. For longer moves a dump truck is often used an the machine which has just one pair of 'wheels' lifts itsel up with the bucket in the dumper body and then the truck pulls it along slowly to its new work site.

Modern machines

Before the spread of the Asian built small 360 excavator on tracts a number of manufacturers such as Powerfab built compact light weight excavators that were towed behind a car or pick-up truck on 'transport wheels'.

This idea has had a revival with a couple of manufacturers a again producing such machines for use by home owners and small contractor in back lots & yards. These machines being cheaper to rum with no expensive tracks to replace and complex hydraulic transmission systems to go wrong.


Early Broyt excavator


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