Titan 12-25 (Titan 15-30)
Titan 12-25 Referb
Refurbished example in the American Museum of Agriculture
Model history
Model introduced 1914
Model discontinued 1917
Model status Discontinued
Superseded by International 15-30
Engine Specification
Power hp 25 / 30
Cooling system Water
Transmission Details
Transmission type Unknown
Drive 2WD
Linkage Category Unknown
Other info
Factories Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Plow rating Unknown
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The Titan 12-25 (Titan 15-30) were built by International Harvester from 1914 to 1917 in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA factory.

Model History Edit

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The Titan 12-25 4-cylinder tractor was introduced in 1914. It was smaller than the previous Titan Type D and powered by an L-head 4-cylinder engine. In 1917 it was revised with a more powerful overhead-valve engine and became the Titan 15-30. In 1917 antitrust action against International Harvester forced the company to do away with separate McCormick and Deering dealers selling separate Mogul and Titan tractors. In 1918 the name of the Titan 15-30 was changed to International 15-30

Timeline Edit

  • 1914: Titan 12-25 introduced with L-head 4-cylinder engine
  • 1917: Titan 15-30 "round-head" used an overhead-valve engine, new serial number range
  • 1918: Titan 15-30 renamed International 15-30, with new serial number range

Factory locations Edit

  • Milwaukee Works, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Specification Edit

Variations and Options Edit

Serial Numbers Information Edit

Serial Numbers and Year of Manufacture data[1]
Year Serial run Number Built Notes (Total built 1614).
1915 TS101-344 244
1916 TS345-883 539
1917 TS884-918 35
1917 TW101-896 796
"colspan=4" Post 1918 became the International 15-30 with new Serial number series

Preservation Edit

Little information on any of these tractors in preservation is currently available here.

  • One example was seen at Carrington Steam and Tractor Rally 2015 but serial number was not clear on photo taken of it to read. The tractor was in 'Unrestored finish' i.e no paint just a weathered rust patina. It was not seen running by the editor but looked as if it had run recently.
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References / Sources Edit

  1. Wendel, C. H. 1981. 150 Years of International Harvester, Crestline Publishing Co., Sarasota, Florida. (Titan serial numbers p.411)

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