Tirador (Indúrgica SAICIyF) / (Soulé y Florio)
Founded ¿early 1930s?
Defunct 198X?
Headquarters Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires
Morón, Buenos Aires
, Argentina
Industry agriculture machinery, lawn tractor, construction equipment
Website none

The company Indúrgica SAICIyF under the brand Tirador, was founded in the early 1960s in Ramos Mejía, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The company was led by Mr. Ernesto Cattáneo. They manufactured hardness measuring elements and lawn tractors.

Stage Soulé and Florio Edit

Subsequently, after Indúrgica went out of business, the manufacturer Soulé y Florio, based in Carlos Pellegrini, Morón, Buenos Aires, Argentina, took over the production until the mid 1980's, when the Tirador 70 model was discontinued. It was the only model that had been produced. With the economic crisis of the 1980's, Soulé y Florio closed its doors amid a sudden inflationary process. Nowadays, in what was the factory establishment, there is a car mechanic and electricity workshop.


Tirador Tractor Models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Tirador 70 196X- 7 hp (5.2 kW) Clinton 70 in Pesados Argentinos Tirador 70 (L&G)

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