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JC Ball 8x4 Tipper with Grab loader at Cromford 08 - P8030332

A typical 8x4 Tipper used on Streetworks and Utility contracts with the ability to load itself or unload small quantities at multiple job sites

Tipper Truck is the term used in the UK for trucks with a tipping body (dumpbody) generally for the on highway type with the off road type call dumper trucks


The earlies version had a manually tipped (balanced) body with latter versions having a screw tipping mechanism till hydraulics became common after WWII. Once hydraulics became popular the size of body grew as weight limits increased.

Body stylesEdit

Tipper body - Foden 4300 chassis - F711 FHH at SYTR 11 - IMG 7942

Insulated tarmac body with cover

A number of body types have evolved for different applications especially to optimise capacity and survive the rough usage many are subjected to. Materials differ with Wood being the original material for early bodies but by the 1960s steel and aluminium were taking over and by the 1990s aluminium is the material used in the vast majority of bodies often without a steel subframe that was originally used.

The material to be carried also effect the shape of the body and the construction. Most tippers are now fitted with covers to stop material blowing off during transport and causing a nuisance to other drivers and pedestrians.

Bodies for tarmac are insulated. Some demolition bodies are timber lined to cushion the material and reduce noise during loading, were as others use hardox steel for wear resistance.

Tail gate design also depends on load with split designs common. remote release from with the cab or automatically during tipping to increase safety.

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A number of different types of gear is used.

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