• To Whom It May Concern:

    This is a pre-marketing letter to determine your company’s level of interest in the following revolutionary new engine technology:

    A simple and inexpensive modification of a typical 4-stroke internal combustion engine (ICE) into a more efficient 6-stroke ICE

    This design modification is superior to current designs and to potential competitors because of the characteristics and benefits as listed on the attached condensed Executive Summary.

    Currently, we are in the end stages of R&D having completed two (2) successful working prototypes. The concept has been proven. Our next step is a computer driven, full rapid prototype program with Southwest Research Laboratories in San Antonio, Texas. There, the known design parameters of a pre-selected modern day production engine can be entered into a WAVE thermodynamics program and then those design features altered using multi linear regression to enhance the rapid prototyping process.

    Please know that this design modification is adaptable to any existing 4-stroke engine configuration in multiple industries as noted on the attached summary.

    Based on the information provided, please let us know your level of interest by responding to us in writing.

    In the interim, if you have any questions you would like to discuss with our research engineers, please contact us.

    Sincerely, AmeriCar Engine Company

    C. Phillip Clegg President & CEO 469.867.4562

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