The Gloucestershire Steam and Vintage Extravaganza
Kemble August 2010 - poster
2010 event poster
Organisers Stroud Vintage Transport and Engine Club
In aid of
Air Ambulance
Cobalt Appeal
Diabetes UK
Sponsors (main)
Date held on August
Duration (days) 3
Venue Kemble Airfield
Location nr Kemble
County Gloucestershire
Country England
NTET Accredited YES
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2010
First Event was held in (year)  ?
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held 35th (2009)
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The Gloucestershire Steam And Vintage Extravaganza or Kemble Steam Rally is held each year on the First weekend of August on part of the site of Kemble Airfield in Gloucestershire, a former Airforce base. Part of a disused runway and the taxi ways provide a large area of hard standing and running areas for the steam engines and commercial vehicles.

Event historyEdit

The Event is run by the Stroud Vintage Transport and Engine Club.

The event raises funds for local charities in the Gloucestershire area including, The Cobalt Appeal fund - Breast Cancer, Diabetes UK, and the County Air Ambulance Trust.

The event is a National Traction Engine Trust Authorised Event. Exhibit classes featured include along with other exhibits and trade stands;:

2010 Event Edit

The dates are 6th, 7th and 8th of August 2010

List of engines for 2010 [1]

Aveling & Porter
Clayton & Shuttleworth
Wallis & Steevens

+ includes some extra surprise entries !!

2009 EventEdit

2009 Steam enginesEdit

NOTE List under construction and Awaiting image upload

Steam Engines list
Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
Armstrong Whitworth no. 10R2 - Steam roller 1923 BD 7511 M. George, Leicestershire Armstrong Whitworth no. 10R2 - BD 7511 at Kemble 09 - IMG 1931 A rare make and model
Aveling & Porter no. 3430 Sarah Steam roller 1894 PB 9801 P.K. Smith, Buckinghamshire 150px]] note
Aveling & Porter no. 6021 Dougal Steam tractor 1906 D 2608 R. Swain, Shropshire 150px]] Unusual as has a cab front with porthole windows
Aveling & Porter no. 8241 Jasmine Steam roller 1914 BH 7170 P. Wines, Somerset 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 8548 Britania Steam roller 1915 AF 4442 H. Collings, South Wales 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 8585 Corporation of Gloucester Steam roller 1915 FH 2253 J. Smith, Lincolnshire 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 8752 - Steam roller 1916 TA 2662 J. Poulter, Surrey 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 10005 Perseverance Steam roller 1921 BB 5023 D. Nemeth, Gloucestershire 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 10448 - Steam roller 1922 HR 7446 J. Bond & i. Stone, Wiltshire 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 11347 - Steam roller 1925 PP 4996 R. Bell Somerset 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 12023 Murphy Steam roller 1928 IB 2854 The Goddard family, Wiltshire 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 14002 Jimmy Steam roller 1929 KR 479 C. Cribbs, Oxfordshire 150px]]  ? Not seen Friday
Aveling & Porter no. 14044 Rhoda Steam roller 1930 DW 7088 M. Fuller, Kent 150px]]
Aveling & Porter no. 14174 - Steam roller 1934 GI 1281 P. Cummins, Wiltshire 150px]]
Buffalow Springfield no. - Steam roller  ? - Owner ? 150px]] not in steam (For Sale in Magazine)
Burrell no. 2072 Masterpiece Showman's engine 1898 AD 8786 A. Sparkes, Bristol 150px]]
Burrell no. 2351 Ephraim Showman's engine 1901 AL 9309 G. Vincent, Cornwall Image needed LHB

not seen on Friday
Burrell no. 2575 Buller Traction engine 1903 TA 1489 David Young, Kent Burrell no. 2575 TE - Buller - TA 1489 at Kemble 09 - DSC02298
Burrell no. 3018 Spider Traction engine 1908 ICE 2739 Evans family, Shropshire 150px]]
Burrell no. 3121 Keeling Agricultural Engine 1909 NO 1310 D & J Smith Burrell no. 3121 TE Keeling reg NO 1310 at Astwood Bank 09 - IMG 3419
Burrell no. 3197 Old Tim Road Locomotive 1910 AB 8904 D. Allen, Kent Image needed LHB

not seen Friday ?
Burrell no. 3489 King George VI Showman's engine 1913 PB 9624 J. Wharton, Oxfordshire 150px]]
Burrell no. 3555 The Busy Bee Showman's engine 1914 AO 6262 P. Edwards Oxfordshire Image needed LHB

not seen Friday ?
Burrell no. 3593 Duke of Kent Road Locomotive 1914 KE 8365 N. Baker, Kent 150px]]
Burrell no. 3651 Earl Kitchener Showman's engine 1915 HR 3964 David Fowlwer, Hampshire Image needed LHB

not seen on Friday ?
Burrell no. 3665 - Traction engine 1915 BP 6141 J. White, Gloucestershire 150px]]
Burrell no. 3669 Nero Showman's engine 1915 G 6470 W. Middlemiss, Huntington 150px]] note
Burrell no. 3862 Little Dorothy Steam tractor 1921 MA 8462 John Johnson, Southport Lancashire 150px]]
Burrell no. 3979 Earl Haig Showman's engine 1924 YA 9138 D. Hilditch, Poweys 150px]] note
Burrell no. 4025 Pride of Dorset Steam roller 1926 PR 6641 M. Shepherd, Rugby in Warwickshire 150px]]
Burrell no. 4069 Samson Steam roller 1929 RL 9960 M. Walker, Shropshire 150px]]
Burrell no. 4093 Dorothy Road Locomotive 1931 DV 9252 D & B Smith, Banbury Oxfordshire 150px]] 2nd Youngest Burrell in UK
Clayton & Shuttleworth no. 50004 Old Hiram Portable engine 1926 - M. Shepherd, Warwickshire 150px]]
Foden no. 3398 Happy Jack Steam wagon 1912 M 4489 J. Calder, Staffordshire 150px]]
Foden no. 3510 The Icklingham Flyer type Year reg no Owner ? 150px]] note
Foden no. 11414 Freddie Steam wagon 1924 TA 9891 R. Vincent Somerset 150px]]
Foden no. 12116 Enterprise Steam wagon 1925 TU 1215 M. White, Southampton Hampshire 150px]]
Foden no. 12370 Island Chief Steam wagon 1926 TT 8659 R & C Bullen, Devizes, Wiltshire 150px]]
Foden no. 13454 Samantha Steam wagon 1929 KX 3340 The Hirst Family collection, Hampshire 150px]]
Foster no. 14153 Admiral Beatty Showman's engine 1916 BE 7221 R. Cook, Bridgenorth 150px]] note
Foster no. 14608 Ikanopit Steam Tractor 1930 PN 5629 D. Harding, Shropshire 150px]] note
Fowler no. 11699 Pride of Hanley Castle Traction engine 1915 AB 9028 Owner ? 150px]] Incomplete listing in guide
Fowler no. 14738 - Ploughing engine 1918 FX 6738 John Garman collection, shropshire 150px]]
Fowler no. 15813 Elsie Steam roller 1921 WR 8965 The Shipton family, Gloucester 150px]]
Fowler No. 17077 Forest Maiden Showman's engine(Conversion) 1927 UW 1331 M. Brain, Gloucestershire 150px]]
Fowler no. 17289 Oriana Steam tractor(Conversion) 1927 UW 1329 B. Lowe, Surrey 150px]]
Fowler no. 19782 The Lion Showman's engine 1931 UB 9763 A. Thompson, Wiltshire 150px]]
Garrett no. 28410 Mercury Traction engine 1910 NO 1186 P. Best, Gloucestershire 150px]]
Garrett no. 33091 Mercury Steam tractor 1918 BP 6077 R. Hall, Gloucestershire Image needed LHB

not seen friday ?
Garrett no. 33278 Princess Mary Steam tractor 1918 DP 4479 J. Garmen, Shropshire 150px]]
Garrett no. 33827 - Traction engine 1920 IW 3731 T. Whitecombe, Swansea, Wales Image needed LHB

not seen Friday ?
Garrett no. 34084 Baroness Steam roller 1921 BJ 7045 J. Millington, Cheshire 150px]]
Mann no. 1145 Miss Mann Steam roller 1919 KM 514 C. Woods Somerset 150px]] Unique design
Marshall no. 15391 Enysham Hall Traction engine 1887 BW 5249 J. Wharton, Oxfordshire Image needed LHB

Not seen on the Friday ?
Marshall no. 28922 Alderman Traction engine 1892 BH 7606 D. Paxton, Warwickshire 150px]]
Marshall no. 43345 Countess Traction engine 1905 AF 3520 T. Beeching, Mendip 150px]]
Marshall no. 71837 - Traction engine 1919 DD 2007 J. Plaister, Wiltshire 150px]]
Marshall no. 84480 Old Bob portable engine 1929 - B. Lowe, Surrey 150px]] In working area
McLaren no. 510 Phoenix Traction engine 1893 NM 54 Richard Wilcox collection Gloucestershire 150px]]
McLaren no. 757 Appollo Traction engine 1904 AI 3029 C. Brown, Wiltshire 150px]]
Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies no. 14385 Marie Portable engine 1902 - B. Dando, Bristol 150px]]
Robey no. 25961 - portable engine 1905 - C. Waite, Bristol 150px]] not in steam (friday)
Robey no. 28094 Pride of The Walk Traction engine 1908 AO 8932 The Wallington Collection, Chipping Norton 150px]]
Robey no. 29333 Wally Traction engine 1910 AD 9899 P. Antill, Dorset 150px]] note
Robey no. 38818 - Portable engine 1920 - Owner ?, Chipping Sodbury 150px]] Not in Guide.
Un restored
Sentinel no. 5260 Tiger Steam wagon 1924 RS 5540 R. Garnett, Dorset Image needed LHB

 ? not seen on Friday
Sentinel no. 8393 HMS Sultan Steam wagon 1930 DX 9048 Owner ? , Gosport 150px]] not in guide
Sentinel no. 9075 Holmevalian Steam wagon 1934 BEV 467 P & K Jewell, Bristol 150px]]
Sentinel no. 9192 - Steam wagon 1935 CML 781 G. Peach, Coventry, Warwickshire 150px]]
Tasker no. 1296 The Horses Friend Steam tractor 1902 BY 160 J. Moore, Southport, Lancashire 150px]]
Tasker no. 1424 Willow the Wisp Steam tractor 1910 AA 2356 R. Willcox, Gloucestershire 150px]]
Tasker no. 1765 Jolly Steam tractor 1918 SR 1252 W. Tomlins, Oxfordshire 150px]]
Tasker no. 1902 Alice Steam tractor 1923 KL 9885 M. Lewendon, Wiltshire 150px]]
Wallis & Steevens no. 2959 Little Lauren Traction engine 1907 HR 5110 P. Hinder, Bristol 150px]]
Wallis & Steevens no. 3656 Little Olga Steam tractor 1903 HO 5834 The Hirst family collection, Hampshire 150px]]
Wallis & Steevens no. 7905 Tomboy Steam roller 1926 OT 3191 D. Wothers, Worcestershire 150px]]
Yorkshire no. 2108 Yorkshire Lad Steam wagon 1927 UA 1788 P. Wines, Somerset 150px]]
Make no. name type Year reg no Owner ? 150px]] note

Commercial & Military vehiclesEdit

This list is incomplete & based on other events at this time

A number of interesting vehicles were present including these;

  • (photos to follow later) And a few others trucks besides.
Military vehicles

This was just part of the military section as others were still arriving late friday afternoon, with a Ferret (scout car) coming in the gate as we left.


Tractor exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. Serial no. (if known) year built Owner Photo Misc info
 ? County County Super-4 Reg no. ? County no. ?  ? owner ? 150px]] Fitted with winch
Add any other tractors from this event above here in Entry no order / ABC by make if no number
add more entries by copying block below and pasting in between entries Image needed LHB

- Make Model no. Reg no. ? Serial no Year Owner ? Image needed LHB 150px]]

Stationary EnginesEdit

A large number of stationary engines were being demonstrated with a few rare or unusual models including examples from;

The more usual makes presented included;


A few of the interesting / more unusual cars are listed here; But the vast majority were only present on Saturday and Sunday. - (please expand the list with any photos you took)

Past eventsEdit

Add details and photos from any past events you visited here please

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References / sourcesEdit

  • Show guide
  • Photos from the event and info boards at the show
  1. Derived from Steam Scenes list posted on Traction Talk

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