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All the protection templates were imported from Wikipedia as part of importing (attempting to) Navbox and other templates. They are not in use on here and most of the imported templates with the {{PP-XXXXXX}} code in have had it comented out with a note added, to say its disabled.

The full implications of wikipedias intricate template linking and transcluded documentation was not under stood at the time. BIG MISTAKE.

The docmentation imported often has other templates used in it and so loads of red links template appeared. Importing the templates expands the problem.

To stop the calls to templates use<!-- --> around the call and ad a comnt next to it with <!-- this function is disabled as not used --> to reduce calls to themplates that are not required.

for more documentation look at the Wikipedia page of the same names talk page.

Any qureries contact me or a wikia central Admin - BulldozerD11 23:05, 26 September 2008 (UTC)