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I do not understand how to add missing traction engines from the list. The system appears to be very difficult to navigate. I would suggest that you get acopy of The Traction Engine Register from the Southern Counties Historic Vehicles Preservation Trust where you will find the complete listing of preserved traction engines in the UK

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The simplest way is copy the entry (nearest) to the new entry in numerical order and paste it into the table below existing entry and update the entry with the details fot the new engine were different and remove entry were data unknown.
Alternative is to add infomation onto the Aveling & Porter main page below the table {{PML Aveling and Porter}} and I can then add it to the table.
The tables are on a seperate page for several reasons, (potential size of table being the main one & admin issues).
See note below re: The Traction Engine Register & just copying it. (basicaly not allowed) - BulldozerD11 01:36, January 5, 2010 (UTC) (Site admin)

Traction engine register Edit

Just copying the entire register onto the internet is copyright violation, wher as adding individul engines you have seen or that are featured in print articles, with details from the show guide is not. The register is sold by the NTET and others to raise funds for the preservation movement. Engines not listed in the register I.e from other contries can be added as well.

-- 13:50, January 3, 2010 (UTC)

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