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Proforma template to create Timeline Navbox templates for automotive and company timelines.


Start a blank 'new' template called by the company name or the brand name e.g. (xyz brand timeline) and paste below code in.

{{Navbox with collapsible groups
|name = timeline wrapper<!-- change to your template name {{subst:PAGENAME}} -->
|selected = {{{1|}}}
|listpadding = 0

|title = XYX Brand timeline
|titlestyle = background-color:#EBE8FE;
|groupstyle = 
|image = 

|group1 = XYZ Brand timeline 19?-19?<!-- Change title to suit -->
|abbr1 = 1
|list1 = <div style="margin:-2px 0px">
{{blank timeline/1}}<!-- replace with XYZ Brand timeline/1 & copy the 'Blank' to your new page & fill in details -->

|group2 = xyz timeline 19? to date<!-- Change title to suit -->
|abbr2 = 2
|list2 = <div style="margin:-2px 0px">
{{blank timeline/2}}<!-- replace with XYZ Brand timeline/2 & copy the 'Blank' to your new page & fill in details -->
<!-- Duplicate above block to add longer timeline -->
|below = 
{{documentation}}<!-- adds a blank doc subpage automatically for usage notes and categories-->

[[Category:Automotive company timeline templates]]


Update the following items

  • "name = " - to the template name (used for the View, Discus, edit links)
  • "groupx = " - to suitable tile for the sub section timelines content
  • "{{blank timeline/1}}" - update to point to template name to mach the main remplates subject (i.e. xyz brand timeline/1) & repeat for each sub group. addextra section if more than 2 needed.

Then create the sub templates using blank versions and fill in models and adjust positions of bars to suit years built.

See also

For other periods restructure these (A 50 year maximum time period recommended for readability)