Usage notes


The template has one optional parameter, a description of the type of image requested:

{{reqscreenshot|a description of the type of the image requested}}

For example:

{{reqscreenshot|[[WP:Wikipe-tan|Wikipe-tan]] one of the personifications of Wikipedia}}

See also

Media request templates

  • {{Audio requested}} - audio i.e of a machine or engine in action.
  • {{Diagram needed}} - request a diagram within the article
  • {{Image requested}} - photographs and general image requests by category
  • {{Reqdiagram}} - diagrams
  • {{Reqfreephoto}} - photographs, with added emphasis on free license. Generally used on articles where a free-licensed photo should be used, rather than existing or recently removed non-free photos.
  • {{Reqmap}} - maps
    • {{Reqmapin}} - map requests sorted by location
  • {{Reqvideo}} - videos

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