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In {{Creator}} templates or in the headers of gallery pages you often need to describe the locations of someone’s birth or dead as relative locations like “Vinci near Florence, Tuscany”, especially when the person was born (or died) in a small village etc. that is unknown to most people. With this template you can specify such relative locations in an easy way and they get translated to the user’s preferred language automatically. For example, to get “Vinci near Florence, Tuscany” in the user’s preferred language, just enter {{RelativeLocation|Vinci|near|{{Florence}}|{{Tuscany}}}}.




Parameter name Description (this part of the documentation is only available in some languages) Default value required or optional?

parameter #1 (1) Name of the first location, e.g. of a village or countryseat (example: “Vinci”). empty required
parameter #2 (2) English name of the relation of the first to the second location (example: “near”). See list below for supported options. , optional
parameter #3 (3) Name of the second location, e.g. of the next town (example: “{(Florence}}”). empty required
parameter #4 (4) Name of the region, state or country both locations are located in, just if you want to add this information (example: “{{Tuscany}}”). empty optional
pl Polish form of second location ({{{3}}}). Often needed since locations would require different grammatical form. Other languages might need to introduce their own versions. empty optional
lang ISO 639-2 language code for output in the specified language {{int:Lang}} optional

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(this part of the documentation is only available in some languages)

A similar template for dates is {{other date}}. To specify location names that get autotranslated to the user’s preferred language, use the template {{City}} or the special templates in the Category:Multilingual tags: Locations.


To add your language to the list of languages supported by this template, please edit the template and add a row to the "{{#switch: }}" construct. It takes the form "|xx=Your translation" (xx being the code of your language)

(this part of the documentation is only available in some languages)

List of Supported Options for Parameter #2

A hint for translators: it may be difficult to translate some of the following expressions to some languages, especially because the syntax of some languages requires more information about the location names (e.g., about gender) than such a template can give. In such a case just use a generic translation like “near” or “in” or even “,” — this still allows the user to understand that there is some local relation between the two locations and therefore is still a helpful hint.

Parameter #2 Example Code Example Output
near {{RelativeLocation|Vinci|near|{{Florence}}|{{Tuscany}}}} Vinci near Florence · Tuscany
next to {{RelativeLocation|San Giorgio Maggiore|next to|{{Venice}}|{{Italy}}}}  · Italy
in {{RelativeLocation|Castello|in|{{Venice}}|{{Italy}}}} Castello · Venice · Italy
part of {{RelativeLocation|Isolotto|part of|{{Florence}}|{{Tuscany}}}} Isolotto, part of Florence · Tuscany
suburb of {{RelativeLocation|Fiesole|suburb of|{{Florence}}|{{Tuscany}}}}  · Tuscany
district of {{RelativeLocation|Castello|district of|{{Venice}}|{{Italy}}}} Castello, district of Venice · Italy
environs of {{RelativeLocation||environs of|{{Siena}}}} (#1 empty) area of Siena
and environs {{RelativeLocation|{{Siena}}|and environs||{{Tuscany}}}} (#3 empty) Siena and its surroundings · Tuscany
in district {{RelativeLocation|AA|in district|BB|DD}} AA in the district of BB · DD
in rural district {{RelativeLocation|Beilstein|in rural district|Heilbronn|{{Germany}}}} Beilstein in the rural district of Heilbronn · Germany
in province {{RelativeLocation|Monte San Savino|in province|{{Arezzo}}|{{Tuscany}}}} Monte San Savino in the province of Arezzo · Tuscany
in region {{RelativeLocation|Vinci|in region|{{Tuscany}}|{{Italy}}}} Vinci in the region of Tuscany · Italy
in state {{RelativeLocation|Boston|in state|Massachusetts}} (for Washington, D.C., use Template:DC) Boston · Massachusetts
on lake {{RelativeLocation|[[Castiglione del Lago]]|on lake|[[Lago Trasimeno|Trasimeno]]|{{Italy}}}} Castiglione del Lago on Lake Trasimeno · Italy
on river {{RelativeLocation|San Giovanni Valdarno|on river|Arno|{{Tuscany}}}} San Giovanni Valdarno on river Arno · Tuscany
today {{RelativeLocation|Glogau|today|[[Głogów]]}} Glogau, today Głogów
, {{RelativeLocation|{{Venice}}|,|{{Italy}}}} Venice, Italy
or {{RelativeLocation|{{Leiden}}|or|{{Haarlem}}}} Leiden or Haarlem
and {{RelativeLocation|Pont Alexandre III|and|Grand Palais|Paris}} Pont Alexandre III and Grand Palais · Paris
pl {{RelativeLocation|Vinci|near|Florence|Tuscany|pl=Florencji|lang=pl}} Vinci koło Florencji · Tuscany

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