This template provides formatted output for piston engine (including all radial, inline, V-, and rotary engines) specifications per Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:WikiProject Aircraft/Engines/page content. To use this template, copy-paste the following text:

(To be used as basis for a internal combustion engines in vehicles and machines template version)


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Explanation of template parameters

All dimensioned parameters should be written in both imperial units and metric units. For American and British designs, the format is imperial (metric). For all others, it is metric (imperial).

  • |type= Engine in a nutshell, #-cylinder turbo/supercharged air/liquid-cooled inline/rotary/V-# piston aircraft engine
  • |designer= Who
  • |bore= Diameter of each cylinder, in (mm)
  • |stroke= Distance the piston travels inside the cylinder, in (mm)
  • |displacement= Total volume of the engine, in³ (L)
  • |length= Length of the engine, in (mm)
  • |diameter= Diameter or width of the engine, in (mm)
  • |width= Width of the engine, in (mm)
  • |height= Height of the engine, in (mm)
  • |weight= Dry weight of the engine (without oil, coolant, etc.), lb (kg)
  • |valvetrain= Description of valves, including number of intake/exhaust valves per cylinder and valve operation (camshaft/pushrod, OHV/OHC), for example two pushrod-actuated valves per cylinder with sodium-cooled exhaust valve or overhead camshaft-actuated, two intake and two exhaust valves per cylinder, sodium-cooled exhaust valve stems
  • |supercharger= Description of the supercharger, leave blank if not installed, for example two-speed two-stage, boost pressure automatically linked to the throttle, water-air aftercooler installed between the second stage and the engine
  • |turbocharger= Description of the turbocharger, leave blank if not installed.
  • |fuelsystem= Description of the fuel system (carbutered/fuel injected, etc.), for example twin-choke updraft carburetor with automatic mixture control
  • |fueltype= Fuel type, octane rating
  • |oilsystem= Description of the oil system, for example dry sump with one pressure pump and two scavenge pumps
  • |coolingsystem= Description of the cooling system, for example 70% water and 30% ethylene glycol coolant mixture, pressurized. At the very least say if the engine was air- or liquid-cooled.
  • |reduction_gear If there's one, give the ratio or otherwise describe it
  • |power= Power output, hp (kW) at # rpm
  • |specpower= Specific power, power output divided by engine displacement; hp/in³ or kW/l
  • |compression= Compression ratio, #:1
  • |fuelcon= Fuel consumption, US gal/hr (L/hr) or lb/hr (kg/hr)
  • |specfuelcon= Specific fuel consumption lb/(hp·h) (kg/(kW·h))
  • |oilcon= Oil consumption US gal/hr (L/hr) or lb/hr (kg/hr)
  • |power/weight= Power-to-weight ratio, calculated by dividing engine power by engine weight, hp/lb (kW/kg)

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