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Pagename-handling and detection templates:

  • {{pgn}} – Can take apart and put together pagenames in several ways.
  • {{basepage subpage}} – For detecting if on a basepage, subpage or subsubpage.
  • {{if pagename}} – For pattern matching on the pagename.
  • {{if pagename multi}} – For pattern matching on the pagename, has input reuse.
  • {{IP-user other}} – For detecting IP-user pages.

Easy to use namespace-detection templates:

  • {{main other}} – For article templates.
  • {{talk other}} – For talk page templates.
  • {{user other}} – For user page templates.
  • {{wikipedia other}} – For detecting "Wikipedia:" pages.
  • {{file other}} – For file (image) templates.
  • {{template other}} – For detecting template pages.
  • {{help other}} – For help page templates.
  • {{category other}} – For category templates.
  • {{portal other}} – For portal templates.
  • {{book other}} – For detecting book pages.

More complex namespace-detection templates:

Technical stuff:

[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This is the {{pagename detect see also}} template.

It is used in the "See also" section of the documentation of the pagename-detection templates. It takes no parameters.

If you update this template, then you should probably also update {{namespace detect see also}}. That template holds almost the same list of templates, but with the namespace-detection templates at the top.