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Place {{POV-lead|date=September 2021}} at the top of the article.


Notice: This template will categorise tagged articles into Category:Tractor Wiki introduction cleanup. This template is a self-reference. This template is not suitable for subst:.

Wiki project policy pages

Tractor Wiki equivalents are are to be created as the project progresses
Tractor Wiki version Wikipedia version
Project:Accuracy dispute Accuracy dispute
Project:Consensus Concensus
Project:Dispute resolution Dispute resolution
Project:Disputed statement Disputed statement
Project:Neutral point of view Neutral point of view
Project:Template messages Template messages
Project:Template namespace Template namespace



  • Boxes:
    • {{Disputed}} Article, {{Disputed-section}} Section
    • {{Disputedtag}} For disputing recent promotions or amendments of policies and guidelines
    • {{Under discussion}} For use on project pages (e.g. policies and guidelines), not on articles
  • Inline:
    • {{Dubious}} Statement
    • {{List fact}} Single list entry
    • {{Under discussion-inline}} Statements on project pages

See also Category: Dispute templates


  • Boxes:
    • {{POV}} Article, {{POV-section}} Section, {{POV-lead}} Lead section
    • {{POV-map}} Map, {{POV-title}} Title
    • {{POV-check}} Article, {{POV-check-section}} Section
    • {{Systemic bias}} Article

See also Category: Neutrality templates

Both disputed and POV

  • Boxes:
    • {{Controversial}} Talk page


This template is from Wikipedia. The original template can be viewed at Template:POV-lead.