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{{MetaCat|<criterion it's sorted by>}}

The first parameter is what the member categories sort by, e.g. [[Category:Books by genre]] would be genre. [[Category:Buildings in Canada by year of completion]] would be {{MetaCat|year of completion}}, not simply {{MetaCat|year}}. The template may autocategorize multiple "by xxx" into the same flat category, like "by year of completion" categories are currently treated the same as the "by year" ones, however, including the full criteria will enable us to easily separate them in the future if desired. The only exception is when there's two criteria, separated by "and" or "or". For example, on [[Category:Buildings in Moscow by period and style]], you would use {{MetaCat|period|style}}. This places it in both [[Category:Categories by period (flat list)]] and [[Category:Categories by style (flat list)]]. In addition, this allows for later combining them (by modifying the template) to create a new flat category if we want.

Important: The parameters are case-sensitive because they are used to form category names. Always use lower case unless it's a proper noun.


All categories tagged by this template are automatically categorized in Category:Meta categories. Depending on the parameters, it may autocategorize into one or more categories. Currently, only specific input makes it autocategorize as this is a work in progress but soon to be generalized.

See also

  • Commons:List of meta category criteria - a list of the "by xxx" currently in use on Commons.
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More general templates with similar purpose:

  • {{Categorise}} - use on (non-meta) main categories that also shouldn't contain files directly (or very little).
  • {{CatDiffuse}} - temporary tag when a category needs files sorting into more specific subcategories because it's overcrowded.