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This template does not function alone; it must follow {{Infobox Aircraft Begin}}

This template provides general data on types of aircraft engines, but not technical specifications.

{{Infobox Aircraft Begin}} and this template must be enclosed by {| and |} that enclose a wiki-table (see Help:Tables).


{|{{Infobox Aircraft Begin
 |parameters go here
}}{{Infobox Aircraft Engine
 |parameters go here


The type of engine, eg: Air-cooled rotary, High-bypass turbofan
national origin 
The country where the engine was first manufactured. Use the main nation (ie. UK), not constituent country (England); don't use "EU". List collaborative programs of only 2 or 3 nations; for more than 3, use "Multi-national
The firm which manufactured the engine.
The person or persons who designed the engine. Only appropriate for single designers, not project leaders
first run 
The date that the engine was first run. If this hasn't happened, skip this field - don't speculate.
major applications 
aircraft (or other vehicles) that were powered by this engine
Years in production (eg. 1970-1999) if still in active use but no longer built -->
number built
program cost 
Total program cost
unit cost 
Incremental or flyaway cost for military or retail price for commercial aircraft
developed from 
The engine which formed the basis for this engine
variants with their own articles 
Variants OF this engine

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Modules currently available for the modular Infobox are:

{{Infobox Aircraft Begin}} 
Must be included in every stack. This template carries the name, image, image caption, and formatting for the rest of the stack.
{{Infobox Aircraft Type}} 
General data fields relevant to an aircraft type (or subtype), such as role, manufacturer, number produced, date of first flight (but not technical specifications)
{{Infobox Aircraft Career}} 
Data fields relevant to an individually significant airframe, such as construction number, registration number, military serial, current preservation status.
{{Infobox Aircraft Engine}} 
General data fields relevant to an aircraft engine, such as type, manufacturer, major applications (but not technical specifications)
{{Seriesbox Aircraft Categories}} 
Non-parameterised seriesbox for broad categories of aircraft, such as airship, helicopter, glider.