Infobox Vehicle
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General Details
Make Unknown
Model Unknown
Build Year Unknown
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This infobox is deigned for use on article pages for individual Vehicle pages of all types. For vehicle model pages usu the specici class of vehicle infobox i.e. - {{Infobox automobile}} or {{infobox bus}} or {{Infobox Tractor}} or {{Infobox Truck}} etc.


{{Infobox Vehicle
| title          = 
| image          = <!-- [[File:your image name here|250px]] -->
| caption        = A image of this vehicle is needed
| make           = 
| model          =
| reg-no.        =
| serial-no.     =
| build date     =
| owner_original =
| collection_of  = 
| museum         = 
| current_owner  = 
| previous_owners=
| type           =
| body_style     =
| layout         =
| engine         =
| transmission   =
| axles          =
| drive_layout   =
| notes          =
| website        =
| below          = 
Infobox Vehicle
Image needed
A image of this vehicle is needed
General Details
Make Leyland
Model Leyland 272
Build Year 1972
Original owner The Big farm estate co.
Museum exhibit at The Science Museum
Basic spec
Vehicle Type Tractor
Body style(s) with cab
Engine(s) Leyland 0.980
Transmission(s) manual
No. of Axles 2
link title
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Note: only use one of the options for collection of, museum or owner item options as just applies different captions.

Unused entries blank in most cases, so please leave them all in for easy future additions by other editors if data not available to fill them in now.

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