This template uses a single unnamed parameter to output the colour used by each importance type as a six digit hex code prefixed with a # symbol.

Syntax Output Colour
{{Importance/colour|Top}} #ff00ff
{{Importance/colour|High}} #ff88ff
{{Importance/colour|Mid}} #ffbbff
{{Importance/colour|Low}} #ffddff
{{Importance/colour|Bottom}} #ffeeff
{{Importance/colour|No}} #ffffff
{{Importance/colour|NA}} #f5f5f5
{{Importance/colour|Core}} #ff00ff

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Standard class types
Featured article star.svg FA  Symbol a class.svg A  Symbol support vote.svg GA  Symbol b class.svg B 
{{class|FA}} {{class|A}} {{class|GA}} {{class|B}}
Symbol c class.svg C  Symbol start class.svg Start  Symbol stub class.svg Stub  Featured article star.svg FL 
{{class|C}} {{class|Start}} {{class|Stub}} {{class|FL}}
Symbol list class.svg List  Featured article star.svg FM  Symbol neutral vote.svg NA  Symbol question.svg ??? 
{{class|List}} {{class|FM}} {{class|NA}} {{class|Unassessed}}
Non-standard class types
Symbol book class2.svg Book  Folder Hexagonal Icon.svg Category  Symbol question.svg Current  Symbol dab class.svg Disambig 
{{class|Book}} {{class|Category}} {{class|Current}} {{class|Disambig}}
Video-x-generic.svg File  Symbol question.svg Future  Symbol question.svg Merge  Symbol question.svg Needed 
{{class|File}} {{class|Future}} {{class|Merge}} {{class|Needed}}
Portal-puzzle.svg Portal  Symbol information vote.svg Project  Symbol redirect vote2.svg Redirect  Symbol template class.svg Template 
{{class|Portal}} {{class|Project}} {{class|Redirect}} {{class|Template}}
Importance types
 Top   High   Mid   Low 
{{importance|Top}} {{importance|High}} {{importance|Mid}} {{importance|Low}}
 Bottom   No   NA   ??? 
{{importance|Bottom}} {{importance|No}} {{importance|NA}} {{importance|Unknown}}
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This template is from Wikipedia. The original template can be viewed at Template:Importance/colour/doc.

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