Media request templates

  • {{Audio requested}} - audio i.e of a machine or engine in action.
  • {{Diagram needed}} - request a diagram within the article
  • {{Image requested}} - photographs and general image requests by category
  • {{Reqdiagram}} - diagrams
  • {{Reqfreephoto}} - photographs, with added emphasis on free license. Generally used on articles where a free-licensed photo should be used, rather than existing or recently removed non-free photos.
  • {{Reqmap}} - maps
    • {{Reqmapin}} - map requests sorted by location
  • {{Reqvideo}} - videos
[edit] [purge] Template documentation

This template is intended as a centralised list of media request templates to keep updates consistent across the documentation of the templates it contains. There is no real reason to use this list on its own.


  • Add this template to the documentation of any new media request template.
  • Edit this template to keep the list current.
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