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Since Holden’s inception as an autonomous automaker (within GM), the vast majority of their vehicles have been designated a nameplate, for example, the Holden Kingswood and Holden Commodore, with "Kingswood" and "Commodore" representative of this. The exceptions to this trend are the 48-215 series "Holden sedan" (1948–1953), the Holden Standard-based utility and panel van body styles (1951–1968), and the Holden Belmont-based utilities and panel vans from 1974 through to 1984. For this reason, these cars are excluded from this list, and are instead covered in the list of Holden vehicles by series.


AdventraApolloAstraBarinaBelmontBerlinaBroughamBusinessCalaisCalibraCamiraCapriceCaptivaColoradoComboCommodoreCrewmanCruzeDroverEpicaFronteraGeminiGTSJackarooKingswoodLimited EditionMonaroMontereyNovaOne TonnerPiazzaPremierRodeoRoyaleScurryShuttleSpecialStandardStatesmanSuburbanSunbirdTigraToranaUteVectraVivaZafira


1. The Royale nameplate was restricted to a Holden-designed, but externally fabricated model, but is officially recognised as a separate model. An unrelated Commodore Royale specification level has been previously offered in New Zealand, based on the Commodore sedan.

2. The Sandman and SS nameplates were option packs over over the Belmont and Kingswood, and are not considered separate models. Sandman and SS listings can be found at list of Holden vehicles by series.

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