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{{For example}} is used to provide a link to an article or category that illustrates a point. It is placed at the head of article sections.


{{for example|Article|Description}}

  • The required first parameter is the full name of the article.
  • The optional second parameter is a "pretty" name that will be displayed (if given) instead of the full article title. This is especially useful if the full title is long.
  • Note: no newlines are permitted; otherwise the article links will be broken.


Code Result
{{for example|Article}}
{{for example|Article|Description}}

See also

Template:Catmore (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Catmore|A}}
The main article for this category is A.

Template:Cat see also (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Cat see also|Contents|Articles|Lists}}
See also categories: Contents, Articles, and Lists

Template:Details (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Details|A|B}}

Template:Details2 (edit talk links history) as above but for when articles end in a full stop
Template:Details3 (edit talk links history) as above but for more than one article
Template:For example (edit talk links history), to point to a detailed example in another article

-- e.g. - {{for example|Template:For example|Another example}}

Template:See (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{See|A|B|C}}

Template:Further (edit talk links history), same as see but requires/allows manual wikilinking

-- e.g. - {{further|[[A]]|[[B]]|[[C]]}}
Further information: A, B, and C

Template:Main (edit talk links history), to use when you have more than one main article.

-- e.g. - {{main|A|B|C}}
Main article: A

Template:Mainlist (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{Mainlist|A}}

Template:See also (edit talk links history)

-- e.g. - {{See also|A|B|C}}
See also: A, B, and C

Template:See also2 (edit talk links history), same as see also but requires/allows manual wikilinking

-- e.g. - {{See also2|[[A]]|[[B]]|[[C]]}}
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