The Template:Fake image displays a box which looks like an empty image containing the strike-through name, parameter {{{1}}}, of an image file (which formerly existed or might exist later). The box can show a caption, as parameter {{{2}}}, under the empty image. The top and inner margins each default to 8px (similar to actual images), but can be reset by style=xxxx.

  • style=margin: 1px 2px 3px 4px - set margins for top/right/bottom/left.
  • align=left - or align=center (default: align=right)

The usage format is:

{{fake image
 | image name.ext
 | caption
 | width = 122px
 | align = left / center / right

Only the image name is required. This template is useful for delinking images in archives used on commons (where a placeholder is useful).


The following are examples of usage:

Next Movie poster.jpg
Image of movie poster (to be released)
{{fake image
 | Next Movie poster.jpg
 | Image of movie poster (to be released)
 | width = 190px
 | align = right

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This template is from Wikipedia. The original template can be viewed at Template:Fake image.

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