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This template is meant for cases where an editor inserts promotional contact information that does not belong in an encyclopedia, when the information in question was meant by the editor inserting it to be part of the article's context. This template and the sentence in which it is inserted should not stay long in an article. Typically, this template is used in articles that are also marked with a speedy deletion template such as {{db-spam}}, or, in a limited number of situations, an {{advert}} tag.


Use the template as is, without parameters. Replace all contact information included in an article with this template. Contact information includes but is not limited to:

  • Email addresses;
  • Telephone numbers;
  • Fax numbers;
  • Office postal addresses, especially if they are P.O. boxes.

When the use of contact information is non-promotional (e.g. "for a good time call (000) 000-0000", written totally out of context), it is best not to use this template, but to delete the information altogether, and report the offending revision(s) at Requests for oversight if appropriate.


If a new article contains the following sentence:

For more information, please call (540) 555-1234 and ask for Joe.

you may replace the contact information with the template this way:

For more information, please call {{contact info}}

This will make the text appear on the page as

For more information, please call [Contact information deleted (see Tractor Wiki's guidelines on inappropriate promotion).]

Important note

This template is meant for temporary use only (ideally no more than 24 hours), and only on recently created articles that are nominated either for speedy deletion under the G11 speedy deletion criterion or where an otherwise acceptable article is being edited by a persistent spammer who also happens to be the article's creator. In the latter case, in most situations it is preferable to leave a message on the creator's talk page, possibly a template from the uw-spam series.

See also

Tractor Wiki's guidelines on spam.

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