{{citation needed}} or {{fact}} is a template used to identify questionable claims which lack a citation to a reliable source. It produces a superscripted notation like the following:

Humphrey Bogart has won several snooker world championships.[citation needed]


You may append a date to the template in the following format:

{{Citation needed|date=July 2020}}

Note: Do not add a date. Just month and year. The names of the months are capitalised.
Any deviation from these two rules will result in an "invalid date parameter" error. If you don't add a date, a bot will date your entry with the month and year at a later time. You can also add "dummy" parameters to leave a better record for future editors. For example, the following usage might be appropriate to the arguable claim that "Humphrey Bogart is the greatest actor...":

{{Citation needed|reason=please give a reliable source for this assertion. How about Laurence Olivier?}}

Adding this template to an article places the article into one of a family of categories identifying "Articles with unsourced statements". To find all such articles, see Category:All articles with unsourced statements. Please remove the template when you add a citation for a statement.

When not to use this template

Unsourced or poorly sourced contentious material about living persons should be removed immediately. Do not tag it— remove it. For more information, see the section on poorly sourced contentious material in the Biography of Living Persons policy. Material which is doubtful and harmful may be removed immediately, rather than tagged. See Unsourced material. If you have the time and ability to find an authoritative reference, please do so. Then add the citation yourself, or correct the article text. After all, the ultimate goal is not to merely identify problems, but to fix them. Many editors object to what they perceive as overuse of this tag, particularly in what is known as "drive-by" tagging, which is applying the tag without attempting to address the issues at all. Consider whether adding this tag in an article is the best approach before using it, and use it judiciously. Wikipedia's verifiability policy does not require reliable sources for common facts (e.g., "The Moon orbits the Earth"), or that citations be repeated through every sentence in a paragraph. All direct quotations, statistics, and facts whose accuracy might be challenged require citations. This template is intended for specific passages which need citation. For articles or sections which have significant material lacking sources (rather than just specific short passages), there are other, more appropriate templates, such as {{Unreferenced}}.

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Article message box templates

  • {{Unreferenced}}, article/section has no sources/references/citations given at all
  • {{Refimprove}}, article/section has weak or incomplete sources/references/citations
  • {{Citecheck}}, article/section may have inappropriate or misinterpreted citations
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