[by whom?]

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This tag is for placement after mention of a vague third party claim that is not sourced, such as "considered", "noted as", "nicknamed", "lauded as the world's..." (best/largest/finest/etc.), "labeled", and the like.

Use it when no specific examples of identifiable individuals or groups are named who could be used to verify the statements or beliefs that appear in the tagged passage of the article. Preferably, the offending statement should be made more specific by identifying particular individuals and then either cited or tagged as needing citation. Similarly, the statement should be deleted if a claim about a group or person is sufficiently vague as to be unsupportable, especially if it implies something controversial about a living person.

This tag will categorize tagged articles into Category:Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases.

Says who

To be preferred when the preceding word is a verb, is the rhetorical [says who?]:

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