Type 1950s 1960s 1970s
0123456789 0123456789 0123456789
Economy car 2CV
Off-roader Méhari
City car LN / LNA
Supermini Dyane
Ami Visa
Small family car GS
Large family car 11 CV ID / DSpécial / DSuper
Executive car 15 CV DS CX
Grand tourer SM
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To create a timeline copy the code below to a blank template named in the form "xyz brand timeline/1" were xyz brand is the brand or company name the timeline is for.


{| style="text-align:center;width:100%;"
|- bgcolor=#F0F0F0<!-- forms main headings -->
|rowspan= 2 width=13%| '''Type'''
|colspan=10 width=29%| 1950s
|colspan=10 width=29%| 1960s
|colspan=10 width=29%| 1970s
|- bgcolor=#F0F0F0<!-- forms year sub headings -->
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0 <!-- ist row (full width in example) -->
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Economy car]]
|colspan=30 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|2CV]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0 <!-- 2nd row (split up) -->
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Off-roader]]
|colspan= 8|
|colspan=12 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|Méhari]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[City car]]
|colspan= 5|
|colspan= 5 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|LN / LNA]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0 rowspan=2| [[example|Supermini]]
|colspan= 7|
|colspan=13 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|Dyane]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|colspan= 1|
|colspan=17 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|Ami]]
|colspan= 2 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|Visa]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Small family car]]
|colspan=10 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|GS]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Large family car]]
|colspan= 7 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|11 CV]]
|colspan=18 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|ID / DSpécial / DSuper]]
|colspan= 5|
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Executive car]]
|colspan= 6 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|15 CV]]
|colspan=19 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|DS]]
|colspan= 5 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|CX]]
|- bgcolor=#E0E0E0 <!-- last roww (duplicate to add more rows) -->
|bgcolor=#F0F0F0| [[Grand tourer]]
|colspan= 6 bgcolor=#C0C0C0| [[example|SM]]
|colspan= 4|
|}<noinclude>{{Documentation}}[[Category:Automotive company timeline templates]]</noinclude>

Update the following items:

  • main heading to suit the years covered.
  • add any extra year colums. (remember all the colspan= items below will need adjusting with a new sections adding to every row block or the span number updating.
  • update the row headings to suit & add or remove row blocks to suit
  • add the page links in place of the [[example|abc]] links
  • add the category for the manufacturer or brand the template is for to the Doc subpage.

See also

  • {{Timeline wrapper}} - Container navbox for this template (create a customised version for brand/company)
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