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{{BDDecadesInCentury|centuryyear | centuryname | type }} where
–––:centuryyear is the two-digit century, like 18 for 1800 to 1899, 19 for 1900-1999, 20 for 2000-2099 etc.
–––:centuryname is the equivalent name of that century, such as 19th for the period 1801-1900 (or 1800-1899 depending on your opinion as to whether year '0' is part of that century), 20th for 1900-1999 or 1901-2000, 21st for 2000-2099 or 2001-2100 etc.
–––:type is the type of item including this macro, such as works, books, movies, plays, etc.

So if one were to code

{{BDDecadesInCentury|17|18th|computer programs}} it would generate a reference box referring to [[category:18th century computer programs]] and would generate links for 1700s computer programs, 1710s etc. through 1790s computer programs.

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