Predecessor -
Founded 1989
Founder(s) Norberto Agustín Tedeschi
Hugo Mario Tedeschi
Headquarters Las Rosas, Santa Fe, Argentina
Key people Oscar Guillermo Ponzio
Products agriculture machinery

Tedeschi was born in Las Rosas, Santa Fe, in October 1989 and with the aim of manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in all its varieties and types, quickly becoming the main supplier of the most important agro-industrial agricultural machinery factories. The building located in the downtown area of ​​the city housed the first formal company Hydraulics Tedeschi SRL formed by Norberto Agustín Tedeschi, Hugo Mario Tedeschi and Oscar Guillermo Ponzio.


As part of its expansion policy, the plant, with its 5 employees, is moved to the side of Route 178, where it is currently located. Along with the growth in the industry related to agricultural machinery Tedeschi comes to produce in 1995, 4000 cylinders per month with 20 employees, a clear example of the sector boom. Soon the variety of products is extended, incorporating in the manufacture, trailer dump trucks, foragers and mixers, conveyors and baggers of rolls. In 1997, the first planter of coarse grains was produced for direct sowing and fertilization. In the course of this year 50 units are produced. In the following year, 80 teams come to the market. 1999 and John Deere firm decides among countless suppliers, incorporate as their own EF51 model developed by the firm Hydraulics Tedeschi. The partners acquire an adjoining property and give birth to a new company called Tedeschi SRL, this new firm is responsible for launching the Self-propelled Sprayer on the market.

Tedeschi in the 2000'sEdit

In 2001, the first fine-grain planter crosses the fields. The following year, the manufacture of machinery was reconverted as a result of the deep economic crisis that the country suffers. Thus, during 2003 and 2005, around 200 annual seeders were manufactured. Size development acquire the forage equipment and the sprayer which is modified in its boom, from front to rear.

In the last 10 years of life, the company was achieving greater knowledge and prestige in the national and international market, incorporating the technologies that the producer needs to make his business profitable.

Tedeschi in the 2010'sEdit

In 2012, the DMF 5500 Solid Fertilizer Distributor entered the product portfolio, thus achieving even more coverage for the needs of its customers. In 2014, we turned 24 looking for solutions for the field man, providing a team for every need.


Tedeschi sprayer models
Model Year(s) Produced Horsepower Engine Type Misc Notes Photo
Tedeschi Vol-trac 199X-199X 180 hp (130 kW) Deutz Vol-Trac in Pesados Argentinos
Tedeschi DMF 5500 199X-199X 100 hp (75 kW) DMF 5500 in Pesados Argentinos
Tedeschi M 2600 195X-199X 100 hp (75 kW) John Deere or Deutz 480 in Pesados Argentinos
Tedeschi M 3000 199X-199X 100 hp (75 kW) John Deere or Deutz M 3000 in Pesados Argentinos

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