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G'day all- I have a Fiat 25C crawler tractor with linkage but motor is incomplete I need help to restore this unit. I am in need of the manual in respect to the motor.

I also have a FIAT 50C crawler tractor with a blade, and again, I am in need of help in manuals on this unit and details on colours, transfers or decals for this unit, and a repair kit for the starting motor- Can anyone help??????????? Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks Dean S.Clare SOUTH AUSTRALIA 08 88 434317 OR e@

I also have a collection of David Brown Tractors dating from 1947, and have models of Fordsons, IHC, Fiat, Howard, Avling Barford, Cletrac, Kubota, etc amounting to over 80 units - most in good working order. Is anyone interested in buying 2 Fiat 50C crawlers 1950's era. One with narrow tracks, second with wide tracks fitted also with sand risers and home-made cable operated large steel dozerblade previously used for scrub clearing - both units by using a large chain in between units. Both in working order with very good straight tinwork, but ANY help for my Fiat 50C Both need external restoration. Contact me for more details.

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