the TM60 was the first all Marshall tracked shovel design, but built at Fowller's in Leeds, previous shovels being Marshall/Fowler/Bray hybrids. It used the Perkins 4.270 engine from the TM 55 with a 3 speed version of the gearbox from the TM 70, final drives from the 55/70 but the side covers were made to give the machine a rear weight bias as required by a shovel. Tracks were based on those used on the TM 70.

When introduced the TM 60 was offered at just under £4000. The rams were made by Power Jacks, hydraulic pump by Vickers and a Multi Purpose bucket designed by Ulrich, built by Boughton was offered as a £650 option, a cab was also offered in the options list. Compared to similar sized machines from other manufacturers the 60 was considered by many to be underpowered.

A later version was introduced as the TM7S, which differed only in the use of the standard 5 speed gearbox from the six cylinder Marshall crawler tractors


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