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TEDOM s.r.o.
Predecessor Škoda Works
Founded 2003
Headquarters , Czech Republic
Products buses, trucks, engines

TEDOM, (TEDOM s.r.o.), is a Czech Republic-based builder of trucks, buses and engines, based on the LIAZ and Škoda designs.

TEDOM's roots trace back to 1925. Skoda LIAZ went through various changes, reorganizations and liquidations. In 1998, Škoda Mnichovo Hradiste was established through a restructure to continue building and distributing LIAZ and Škoda trucks. Škoda Mnichovo Hradiste was sold to LIAZ SIPOX in 2001, but went into liquidation in 2002. The last LIAZ truck was built in 2003, making 349,110 LIAZ truck built since its first establishment. In 2003, TEDOM s.r.o. bought the rights to the LIAZ engine production and manufactures under the TEDOM brand of engines. TEDOM TRUCK s.r.o., established separately but part of TEDOM s.r.o., bought the rights to the LIAZ and Škoda trucks, and now sells them under the TEDOM-d and TEDOM-g marks.[1] (The d and g identifies the fuel used: d for diesel, and g for CNG.)[2] They also manufacture under the FOX-d and FOX-g brands.[3]

TEDOM buses began production in 2004 with technology from Mauri, an Italian company.[4]



  • FOX-d 14.29 PA/M
  • FOX-g 19.29 KB
  • FOX-g 26.29 KA
  • FOX-g 26.29 KB
  • FOX-g 26.29 KY
  • TEDOM-d 19.32 PB
  • TEDOM-d 19.32 SA
  • TEDOM-d 19.32 SB
  • TEDOM-d 19.32 XA
  • TEDOM-d 19.32 XB
  • TEDOM-d 33.45 SD
  • TEDOM-g 19.29 KA
  • TEDOM-g 19.29 KB
  • TEDOM-g 19.29 XA
  • TEDOM-g 19.29 XB


  • TEDOM C12G
  • TEDOM C12D
  • TEDOM L12 G


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