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JCB Sweeper attachment with multi purpose mounting option

Sweeper / Brush units are an attachment that is used both in Agriculture and industrial applications. they are available in a wide variety of formats from a basic 'fixed' broom mounted on a frame to powered rotary units with dust collection bins and water spray bar units to damp down the dust. a wide range of mounting are available and a lot of manufactures offer them in there attachment rang for smaller wheeled loaders, telehandlers / forklifts and Skid Loaders. Other maker sell them to fit tractors on the 3-point linkage and front loader, usually with quick hitch attachment mountings, to allow quick switching for regular clean up duties.


Bobcat skid steer with sweeper collector unit

RTX Datum Rotary Sweeper (powered broom)

  • Fixed broom
  • rotary broom (unpowered)
  • rotary broom (powered)
  • sweeper collector units.


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