Sungri Motor Plant is a 600,000m2 vehicle factory opened in November 1950 as the Tokchon Motor Plant in the city of Tokchon, North Korea. In 1975, it was renamed Sungri Motor Plant (sungri being the English version of the Korean word for victory). In 1980 the annual capacity was reported to be 20,000 units, but in 1996 it only produced 150 units. All car models are reported to be replicas of foreign cars.[1]

Car modelsEdit

  • Construction[1]
  • Jaju (자주 - 'Independence' or 'Frequent') - A five seater passenger car.[1] it means self-reliance
  • Paikdusan (백두산 - 'Mount Paikdu') - Clone of a 1980s Mercedes-Benz passenger car. The car is poor quality with doors not shutting properly ect.[1]
  • Kaengsaeng (갱생 - 'Rebirth') - A Jeep[1]
  • Shintaibaik (신태백 - '?')[1]
  • Achimkoy (Flower of the morning) - 5 seat sedan, a copy of the GAZ-M20 Pobeda.[2]

Truck modelsEdit

  • Kumsusan (금수산 - 'Mount Kumsu') - A 40-ton construction truck.[1]
  • Sungri-58 (승리 58호 - 'Victory 58')[1] - A clone of the Soviet GAZ-51 (ГАЗ-51) Truck.[3] It was first built in 1958.[4]
  • Sungri-64 (승리 64호 - 'Victory 64') - Based on the KrAZ 256. A 6x4 dump truck, it has a 10 ton payload and 15-litre V8-cylinder diesel engine. It was featured on a North Korean stamp from 1965.[5]
  • Sungri-82 (승리 82호 - 'Victory 82') - A 4x2 multi-purpose truck, it has a 10 ton payload and a 15-litre V8-cylinder diesel engine. It was featured in a North Korean stamp from 1988.[6]
  • Sungri-425 (승리 425호 - 'Victory 425')[1]
  • Sungri-1010 (승리 1010호 - 'Victory 1010') - A large 6x6 truck,it had a ten ton payload and was used primarily for military purposes. It was featured on a North Korean stamp from 1961.[7]


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