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The Stock-Motorplough Co. company was founded by Inventor Robert Stock in Berlin in Germany in 1908. They were an early builder of Motorploughs. The company lost its production facility after World war II as it was in the East German part of Berlin.

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The Stock company goes back to the inventor, of the motor plough Robert Stock in 1910. 1910, began with the production of the same developed by Karl Motortragpflug. The Motor plough was a simple tractor, which was firmly attached to the framework of a plough.

In 1935 the company introduced its first diesel tractor, the Stock-diesel Schlepper. The Stock F2M313 used a Deutz 2-cylinder water cooled engine. The tractor had a 3-speed gearbox and transmission and axle built by Stock.

After the company had lost their production sites after the end of World War II, they disappeared from the scene.

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These pre-war tractors were only built in small numbers and just a few examples survive in Europe, with continental collectors.

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