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Steyr 6x4 Tipper

Steyr Trucks was a brand name of Steyr-Werke AG of Austria which became Steyr-Daimler-Puch in 1935. The Truck busines was sold to MAN AG in 1990 & the names was dropped.

Brand historyEdit

For company history, see Steyr-Daimler-Puch.

Truck production under the Steyr brand in 1922 to utile factory capacity following the drop in arms production after WW One. and in 1926 the company was renamed Steyr-Werke AG.

Between 1922 and 1939 the company built light and medium trucks. After World War II the comapny introduced a new range of vehicles from 4 to 8 ton payload, of the 'normal-control' layout.

In 1968 a range of Forward Control models were introduced with modern cabs and some using Steyr's own diesel engines.

The range was expanded to include 8-wheelers in 1974 when the swiss changed there weight linits for trucks.

Overseas plantsEdit

Steyr establish several overseas plants to gain export sales with factories in Greece and later one in Africa at Bauchi, Nigeria. Despite the exapansion they were lossmakin and the company was sold to MAN AG in 1990. Man eventualy building its own models in the former Steyr factories.


Steyr supplied ERF in the UK with there steel cab for the [[ERF ES series in the 1980s

Model rangeEdit

  • Steyr type III - 1920s
  • Steyr Type S862 - 1960s
  • Steyr 19S31 - 1990s
  • Steyr Plus 1291 - ?
  • Steyr Simplon - 8x4 with V8
  • Steyr Gottardo - 6x4 tractor unit with V8

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