Steam Cars are an idea that had a short life as a mode of transport as the internal combustion engine took over.

Stanley steam car at GDSF

A Stanley steam car at the GDSF 2008

Locomotive steam car - Chatham 07 - DSCF0125

A Locomotive steam car at Chatham Historic Dockyard Transport Festival


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Doble Steam CarEdit

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The Doble Steam Car was built by the Doble brothers in the early 20th century. they tried to build an improved steam car,just as the internal combustion engine gained in popularity. The brothers patented several developments and greatly increased steam car efficiency, but failed to create a commercially viable product.

Abner Doble when on to work as a consultant for Sentinel in the UK.

Locomotive steam carEdit

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Stanley steam carEdit

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The Stanley Motor Carriage Company operated between 1902 and 1917 in the US with the last car made in 1926.[1]

The cars made by the company were referred to as Stanley Steamers. When they shifted the steam boiler to the front of the vehicle, the resulting feature was called by owners the 'coffin nose'.

In order to improve range, condensers were used, beginning in 1915.

A Stanley Steamer broke the world record for the fastest mile in a steam car (28.2 seconds). At first, production was limited, but it rose to 500 cars in 1917.

  • 1913 April. Advert for the Stanley Steamer in Autocar and gives address of Gateshead or Ashtead, Surrey

White steam carEdit

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Preserved ExamplesEdit

Several Stanley steam cars are seen in the UK at the Steam and historic vehicle rallies held round the country.

There are some modern ones built from a kit of parts, these being fully functioning but with additions like disc brakes, a speedometer and lights.

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