Saint Chamond Company (Ateliers et Forges de la Loire)
Headquarters St. Chamond, Loire, France
Products agriculture machinery tractor/crawlers

Saint Chamond Company was a tractor manufacturer based in St. Chamond, Loire, France. The company was founded prior to World War 1.[1]


Founded in the early part of the 20th Century St. Chamond was notable for supplying early crawler tractors during WW One.

There was a French Tank called the Char d'St.Chamond tank - was this built by them ? Possibly based on the Holt tractor. I was also known as a 'land ship' in some reports.

By the 1950s they were building small crawler tractors (mainly for vineyard use ?). A lot were Perkins powered.

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  • Military vehicles
  • Char d'St.Chamond tank - Photo


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  1. Classic Tractors of the World, by N. Baldwin, page 58

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