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The Spider wagon at Rushden Transport Cavalcade in 2010

The Spider MKII Steam Powered vehicle is a custom built blend of steam technology and a modern 4-wheel drive truck chassis built over ten years for leisure use.

Basic description

Built by John Kilgour. This project took 10 years to build and was completed in 2001. The vehicle is road legal with the registration number Q885 NVS. Built on a Four-wheel drive Bedford RL chassis. Fitted with a 3/4 scale Foden pattern steam boiler. 4" bore x 5 3/4 " cylinder. High low ratio transfere box mated to a 4 speed gearbox. Top speed ~ 20 to 25 mph across country. Has truck suspension and sprung seats for driver and fireman. Fitted with ROPS frame for crew protection.


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