Special Purpose tractors have evolved from the earliest days of tractor production. They started off with Farmers or the local Blacksmith, dealer or engineer, adapting a standard tractor to do a particular job better or for a task that a tractor was not suitable for. As the market for some types has grown manufactures have built there own or often bought them in and badged them in the quest to offer a full line up of models.

The Line between being a special purpose tractor and a Self Propelled Machine is not clear cut.

Common TypesEdit

Golf course TE 20 tractor at GDSF 08 - IMG 0626

A specialy converted Ferguson TE 20 for Golf Course use, seen at GDSF 2008

Farmall BN tricycle-lamma-IMG 4511

A Farmall tractor with row crop tricycle wheel set up

A Roadless Half track Fordson Major at Astwood bank

A Roadless Half track in the S.E. Davis & Son Ltd. collection

Manufactures and ModelsEdit

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Some of major manufactures, "produced" specials by having 3 rd party products and badge engineering them to sell under their own brand.

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