There are all sorts of special machines built for specific tasks (special purposes).

Fordson Major based Winch unit

Winch mounted on Fordson Major tractor

Ford Road rail hedge cutter tractor - PA040110

Road-Rail Ford tractor with hedge cutter attachment

Landrover fitted with Road rail conversion - PA040123

Road Rail Land Rover maintenance crew support vehicle

Machine TypesEdit

Some examples being:

Howard trencher cutting wheel IMG 4061

Details of the cutting wheel and pipe guide on Howard trencher

Fordson Super Major and grab crane-8485

Clamshell bucket loader/crane on a Fordson Super Major

Specialist attachmentsEdit

Crusher-screener bucket - P5140163

A Crusher - screener bucket for recycling

A growing range of specialist attachments is available to fit machines such as excavators, loaders and skid steers.

See Special Purpose Attachments
examples include

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