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SAS or Sas may refer to:



  • Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British Army
  • Special Air Service Regiment, a special forces unit of the Australian Army
  • New Zealand Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the New Zealand Army
  • Rhodesian Special Air Service, several special force units from Rhodesia
  • Special Air Service, a unit within the Special Forces of Zimbabwe
  • Free French Special Air Service, the predecessor unit of the French 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (1er RPIMa)
  • 5th Special Air Service, a Belgian Second World War formation
  • Canadian Special Air Service Company, a Canadian unit from 1947 to 1949
  • Su Altı Savunma, a special operations unit of the Turkish Navy
  • Section Administrative Spécialisée (Special Administrative Section), a French army civil-military cooperation unit in the Algerian War
  • South African Ship, the South African Navy ship prefix


  • Société par actions simplifiée, a type of company in France
  • SAS (TV station), a television station in Adelaide, South Australia
  • San Antonio Shoemakers, a shoe company in San Antonio, Texas, USA
  • Southern Audio Services, an electronics manufacturer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA


  • School of Advanced Study, a postgraduate institution of the University of London, UK
  • School for Advanced Studies, a high school program in Miami, Florida, USA
  • Semester at Sea, a shipboard academic program administered by the University of Virginia, USA
  • Sekolah Alam Shah, a boarding school in Malaysia
  • Shanghai American School, an international school in Shanghai
  • Singapore American School, an international school in Singapore
  • Slovak Academy of Sciences, the main scientific and research institution in Slovakia
  • Society for Amateur Scientists, an American non-profit organization
  • Space Access Society, an organization dedicated to increasing the viability and reducing the cost of commercial access to space travel
  • Studia Academica Slovaca, a summer school teaching the Slovak language
  • Society for Animation Studies, an international scholarly organization
  • St. Augustine's School, a school in Kalimpong, West Bengal, India
  • Sussex Archaeological Society, an archaeological society based in Lewes, Sussex, UK


  • SAS Institute Inc., a software company headquartered in North Carolina, USA
    • SAS (software), an integrated software suite produced by SAS Institute, Inc.
    • SAS language, a data processing and statistical analysis language
  • Secure Attention Sequence, a method to invoke a computer operating system's attention
  • Serial attached SCSI, a computer bus technology for the transfer of data to and from storage devices (e.g., hard disks)
  • Spatially Aware Sublayer, an optional sublayer of the MAC that provides spatial reuse in Resilient Packet Ring
  • Standalone server, a type of server that is not part of a larger network infrastructure such as an Active Directory domain
  • Short Authentication String, a method used in the ZRTP cryptographic protocol



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  • Small Astronomy Satellite 1, the first of a series of NASA X-Ray satellites launched on 12 December 1970
    • Small Astronomy Satellite 2, launched on 15 November 1972
    • Small Astronomy Satellite 3, launched on 7 May 1975
  • Space activity suit, a spacesuit which provides mechanical pressure by means of elastic garments
  • Space adaptation syndrome, an illness akin to motion sickness experienced by many first-time space travellers
  • Space Access Society, an organization dedicated to increasing the viability and reducing the cost of commercial access to space travel
  • Sistema Avariynogo Spaseniya, (Russian: CAC, Система Аварийного Спасения), the Soyuz launch escape system


  • SAS Championship, a golf tournament in Cary, North Carolina, USA
  • SAS Masters Tour, a domestic professional golf tour operated by the Swedish Golf Association
  • San Antonio Spurs, a professional basketball team in the NBA


  • Second Avenue Subway, a subway line in New York City
  • Salton Sea Airport, by IATA airport code
  • San Antonio Station, by Amtrak code
  • SAS Group, Scandinavian Airlines System Group, an airline company based in Stockholm, Sweden / Oslo, Norway / Copenhagen, Denmark

Other usesEdit

  • Statements on auditing standards, a series of internationally recognized auditing standards
  • Sas of Moldavia (died 1358), Voivode ruling over what was to become Moldavia between 1354–1358
  • Sas (coat of arms), a eastern European coat of arms
  • Andalusian Health Service (Servicio Andaluz de Salud), the government-run health system

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