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A few of the buses at the 2011 South Yorkshire Transport Rally with the iconic twin deck Tinsley fly-over behind

The South Yorkshire Transport Rally is an event held in Sheffield. The event is organised by the South Yorkshire Transport Museum and is held at Meadowhall Coach Park at Tinsley in Sheffield in September with the transport museum open too, with a free heritage bus link operating between the sites. The rally is always a great event and has a better turn out every year it operates, with a wide selection of buses, cars and commercial along with a number of stalls selling transport models, books and videos etc.

Event history

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  • founded in ?

Past events

The event has been held on the site a Meadow hall for several years as it was just round the corner from the old museum site in the Tinsley Tram Sheds & is convenient for visiting vehicles and visitors being situated on Junction 34 of the M1 with a large area of hard standing for display and visitor parking. The Old museum had very limited parking space outside.

2011 event participants

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Commercial vehicle exhibit list
entry no. Make Model no. / type Reg no. body type year built Owner Photo Misc info
unknown AEC Mercury JFL 677 Flatbed year built owner ? AEC Mercury 4x2 flat - JFL 677 at SYTR 11 - IMG 7930.JPG notes
unknown AEC Mammoth Major BAK 449L Tanker year built ? owner ? AEC Mammoth Major tanker - BAK 449L at SYTR 2011 - IMG 7937.JPG notes
unknown AEC Mercury 785 BWJ Artic trailer year built ? owner ? AEC Mercury 4x2 - 785 BWJ + Carrimore trailer at SYTR 11 - IMG 7928.JPG Carrimore trailer - Fitted with Sholderhi Loader
unknown / not listed Associated Daimler model ? BS 6496 coach bodywork year built ? owner ? Associated Daimler coach - BS 6496 at SYTR 2011 - IMG 7970.jpg Removable canvas roof on wooden framed body
unknown / not listed Bedford 'Green Goddess' SYH 150 Fire Engine year built ? Sheffield Fire and Police Museum Bedford Green Goddess - SYH 150 at SYTR 11 - IMG 7934.JPG notes
unknown BMC model / type ? XVY 507J Beaver tail year built ? owner ? BMC - XVY 507 at SYTR 11 - IMG 7929.JPG notes
unknown Dennis model / type XTT 310S Fire engine year built ? owner ? Dennis fire engine - XTT 310S at SYTR 2011 - IMG 7938.JPG notes
unknown Dennis model / type reg no. ? Fire engine year built ? owner ? Dennis fire engine - B537 GWB at SYTR 11 - IMG 7936.JPG notes
unknown ERF model / type ? reg no. ? Beavertail year built ? owner ? ERF - MRY 166W - beavertail body at SYTR 2011 - IMG 8031.JPG A Classic used to transport Vintage Lorry
unknown ERF model / type ? reg no. ? Recovery year built ? owner ? ERF 6x4 Recovery truck - WFJ 979S - SYTR 2011 - IMG 8024.JPG notes
unknown Foden Foden 4375 K745 HNW Tractor unit year ? owner ? Foden 4375 - artic K745 HNW at SYTR 11 - IMG 8105-cropped.jpg in Rugby Cement livery
unknown Fordson model ? CSU 156 Ice cream van 1952 owner ? Fordson Ice cream van - CSU 156 at SYTR 11 - IMG 8069.jpg notes
unknown Leyland Beaver XNN 206H Recovery crane year built ? owner ? Leyland Beaver recover (Steetley) - XNN 206H at SYTR 11 - IMG 7933.JPG Ex Steetley Quarries
unknown Leyland Bull WG 1567 Flat bed ? owner ? Leyland Bull - WG 1567 at SYTR 2011 - IMG 7926.JPG notes
unknown / not listed make ? model / type reg no. ? body year built owner ? 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images


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