A Skip wagon or Skip lorry is used to lift and transport waste containers called skips these are generally used for bulk and/or heavy waste from building sites were industrial bins dont have sufficient capacity or the wast is unsuitable for transfer via a waste compactor dustbin wagon type vehicle.


There are two main types of skip lifting vehicles that operate with different types of skip;

ERF EC6 - V10PRS - Skip wagon at Belvoir 2010 - IMG 3651

A Skip wagon on show at Belvoir Castle Steam Rally 2010

  • The hoist type which uses chains from a pair of arms that swing in an arch. These can be used with skip containers from 1 m3 up to 16 m3 (1 ton to 15 ton max load)
  • The roll on off type that are either a hook lift or use a wire rope and winch system to raise and lower the bin that 'rolls' along the floor and up the vehicles chassis on rollers (hence the name). These bins are much larger and can be up to 40m3 for bulky waste and are often used with a compactor to squash the contents. Most UK Household waste recycling centres are based around a row of these containers into which sorted waste is deposited froma high level platform by the public. when full they are taken to the waste processing facility tor recyling that particular material, i.e green waste is shredded, wood is chipped, card and paper pulped and soil & concrete crushed and screened. With only the general mixed waste now going into the tip.


Commer truck with Skip loader gear at Donnington 09 - IMG 6208small

Restored Commer skip lorry

Conventional type
Roll-on-off type

Waste contractorsEdit

There are a wide range of contractors offering waste removal by skip with most now operating recycling/processing centres. They also offer a wide range of container sizes with special versions such as covered and/or lockable skips which are required on some streets by councils.

Other usesEdit

Some companies also operate platforms to enable the moving of small machinery via the skip waggons lifting capabilities. Small Drotts(crawler shovels) can be fitted with lifting eyes and shackles used to lift them directly onto the truck body by the lifting chains.

Small tractors, skid steers and wheeled loaders are also moved by groundworks contractors in roll-on/off skips, to save using a low loader or dedicated machinery truck. These are also used by the ministry of defence in the UK with Scammell units now being replaced by MAN units.

The fire service has also adopted hook-lift units for a inter-changeable load system for specialist kit such as high volume pumps, foam units and decontamination units.

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