Shredder (plural This is a 'Place holder' template (Xyzy))

  1. In Industry - A machine that tears up objects into smaller pieces, especially a paper shredder or garbage shredder.
  2. In Computing - A program that overwrites deleted data to prevent recovery.



  • bale shredder - for animal feed and bedding dispensed from 'big bales'
  • Straw shredder (chopper) used to chop the straw from a combine so it can be ploughed in.
  • timber shredder - Industrial shredder for tree roots and waste timber
  • waste shredder - Industrial machinery for a wide variety of material types within the recycling industry and some industrial feed stuff for manufacturing.
  • wood chipper- commonly called a wood shredder- used for small trees and branches by landscapers and commercial gardener/ tree surgons.
  • Also a type of 'rotavator' used to chop up straw and grass in no-till system of agriculture.

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