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Sherpa 230 Pick-up reg XUU 991T restored at Leeds HCVS 09 - IMG 4010.jpg
Manufacturer LDV Limited
Leyland DAF
Freight Rover
[[Leyland Commercial Vehicles]]
British Leyland

The Sherpa Brand was a light commercial vehicle range built by Leyland Commercial Vehicles under various company names and latterly by the now defunct LDV Group, as the LDV Pilot. The Sherpa was available in several weight clases and chassis configurations:

  • Van
  • Mini bus
  • Pickup
  • Chassis Cab
  • Chassis - for custom bodywork applications.

Model History

For Company timeline, see Leyland Commercial Vehicles.

The Sherpa was built by Leyland / BL and later by LDV Group following the privatisation and break up of British Leyland Group.

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  • unknown


Choice of

  • body types - Van, Mini Bus, Pickup, Chassis Cab for flat bed, tipper or Luton body fittment by others, & rolling Chassis, for full custom bodywork.
  • load class -
  • engine -

Noted users

  • The Post Office had a huge fleet replacing earlier Bedford CA vans
  • British Telecom "ditto"


A few examples are starting to appear on the rally circuit of this classic British van. A few examples with Caravette (Motor home) conversions by different manufacturers are about and The odd Ice cream van conversion is still in existence.

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