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Sheffield Steam and Vintage Rally
McLaren no. 1421 - RL - Captain Scot - BE 7518 at Sheffield 2009 - IMG 5463.jpg
McLaren no. 1421 - Captain Scot
Organisers Sheffield Steam and Vintage Club
Sponsors (main)
Date held on June
Duration (days) 2
Venue Fields
Location North Anston
County South Yorkshire
Country England
NTET Accredited YES
Attendance numbers
(approximate no.)
Next Event Date 2010
First Event was held in (year) 1973
Last Event was held in (year)
No. of years held 37th (2009)
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The Sheffield Steam and Vintage Rally is held each June nr the Village of Anston Nr Sheffield in South Yorkshire, England. The gathering is organised by the Local Sheffield Steam & Vintage Club. The Event has been hosted for the last few years by a local farm. The Club was formed in 1973 and the 2009 rally is the 37th held.

2009 Event

The event is a National Traction Engine Trust Authorised Event.

Exhibits and attractions

Exhibit classes:

2010 Event

Details from the 2010 event are to follow

Please add your photos from the event here;

Sheffield Steam and Vintage Rally/2010

2009 Event

Sheffield Steam and Vintage Rally/2009

2009 Steam engines

A display of about 14 full size steam engines and 20 miniatures was present.

Steam Engines list
Guide no. Engine (make & No.) Name Type year built Reg no. Owner Photo Misc info
1. Fowler no. 14893 Midnight Road Locomotive 1917 CT 6888 I. Barraclougth, Rotherham Fowler no. 14893 Road Loco reg CT 6888 at Sheffield 09 - IMG 5380.jpg
2. Burrell 6 " model Wandering Star Road Locomotive 2001 Y871 OPV M. Woodbine. Chesterfield 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

1/2 size model
3. Aveling & Porter no. 2031 English Rose Steam roller 1884 ME 3918 I. Corfield, Rochester Aveling & Porter 2031 English Rose reg ME 3918 at Sheffield 09 - IMG 5479.jpg 5th earliest A&P in UK Preservation
4. Fowler no. 15981 Eve Steam roller 1923 SV 5862 L. Donn, Leeds Fowler No. 15981 plate P8170416.jpg (photo from event to be uploaded)
5. George White Moose Traction engine 1916 - T. Ledbury, Notts George White engine makers plate.JPG Canadian built by a expate English man. (photo from event to add)
6. Burrell no. 4083 So-Be-It Traction engine 1928 RT 4058 G. Lamb, 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

Not seen but in Guide ! (please add photo if it was there Sunday)
7. Aveling & Porter no. 8506 White Rose Steam Roller 1915 CT 5012 Derek Raynor (RRA) Aveling & Porter no 8506 White Rose reg CT 5012 at Sheffield 09 - IMG 5407.jpg Owned by Road Roller Association historical/technical expert & author D. Raynor
8. Fowler no. 11700 - Traction engine 1908 SV 5785 A. Biglands, Derbyshire Fowler no11700.JPG Engine ex Australia. (photo from event to be added)
9. Fowler no. 8712 Pride of Wales Road Locomotive 1900 DE 2439 J. Smith Fowler Road loco sn 8712 Prince of Wales at Lincoln 08 P8170520.jpg (photo from event to be added)
10. Ruston & Hornsby no. 122300 Sadie Traction engine 1924 CJ 7207 G. Beck & P. Dook Ruston & Hornsby no. 122300 TE Sadie reg CJ 7207 at Sheffield 09 - IMG 5416.jpg
11. Burrell 6" model - Traction engine - - D, Evenson 100px Tractor & Construction Plant Wiki:Requested images

(photo from event to be added)
12. McLaren no. 1421 Captain Scott Road Locomotive 1913 B 7518 J. Blagg, Whitwell To add 150px]] (photo from event to be added)
13. Foden 6" Model Lord George Steam wagon 2006 YK08 BE Mr M & Mrs S Venn To add Built by D. Evenson (photo from event to be added)
14. Fowler no. 15462 Ajax Road Locomotive 1920 AD 9126 Middlewood Bros. To add 150px]] (photo from event to be added)
15. Wallis & Steevens no. 8058 Ambition Steam roller 1930 OH 4737 M. Farmer, Wallis and Steevens 8058 controls-DSC01243.JPG (photo from event to be added)

Commercial & Military vehicles

A small number of interesting vehicles were present including these;

  • photos to follow later) And a few others trucks besides.


A small selection of tractors with a few concourse examples and an unusual bray loading shovel. - Details to follow

Cars & Motorbikes

A varied selection from from pre war to very modern -(a Smart Car) !

  • list of the interesting examples to follow;

Stationary engines

The line up had the odd 'different' example in it as well as the usual Lister and Wolseley examples.

Note: - the usual rally problem of lack of any info on displays was evident. (If it has no info and is without a serial number its just another engine ! and so hard to feature on sites like this).

Past events

Add details of any past events here;

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  • The show guide 2009

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