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Shandong Shifeng Group
Founded 1993
Headquarters Gaotang, Shandong, China
Products agriculture machinery tractor, Combine harvester, trucks
Parent Shifeng Group

Shandong Shifeng Group is a tractor and agricultural equipment manufacturing company based in Gaotang, Shandong, China. It was founded in 1993, and took over the state-owned tractor factory nearby in 1994. In 2006 a new subsidiary was set up to manufacture combine harvesters, Shifeng Agricuture Machinery Co., Ltd..

The company also manufactures light trucks, electric vehicles, engines, three-wheeled trucks, tires and plastics.



Tractors built by Shifeng for other companies

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Combine Harvesters

Electric Vehicles

Shifeng D202 electric pickup

  • Shifeng D101 4-door
  • Shifeng D202 4-door
  • Shifeng D201 4-door
  • Shifeng D202 pickup
  • Shifeng D301 4-door
  • Shifeng D302 4-door
  • Shifeng D303 2-door
  • Shifeng D306 4-door


  • SF35
  • ZS188
  • ZS195
  • ZS1100
  • ZS1110
  • ZS1115
  • ZS1125
  • ZS1130


Shifeng SSF1040HDJ32


  • Shifeng SSF1030HCJB2
  • Shifeng SSF1030HCWB2
  • Shifeng SSF1040HDJ32
  • Shifeng SSF1040HDJ41
  • Shifeng SSF1040HDJ54-3
  • Shifeng SSF1110HHP76
  • Shifeng SSF1150HJP77
  • Shifeng SSF3020DBJ31
  • Shifeng SSF3040HDJ52
  • Shifeng SSF3041DDP53
  • Shifeng SSF3030DCJB1
  • Shifeng SSF3060DFP73
  • Shifeng SSF3080DHP84-1
  • Shifeng SSF5031ZZZJB2
  • Shifeng SSF5042ZXXJ54
  • Shifeng SSF5042ZZZJ52
  • Shifeng SSF5081GSJ4
  • Shifeng SSF5081ZZZJ64
  • Shifeng SSF5110CCYHP76
  • Shifeng SF5158GJYP88


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