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Shand-Mason and Co. of 75 Upper Ground Street, Blackfriars Road, London, SE were a manufacturer of fire pumps and engines. the company was founded by J. Shand and S. Mason in 1774.

Company History

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City of Chester Fire pump

  • 1774 Company established.
  • 1851 Exhibited at the 1851 Great Exhibition. Were they were awarded a medal.
  • 1862 Exhibited at the 1862 London Exhibition.
  • 1891 Fire engine made for the City of Leeds. The Engine is now exhibited at Armley Mills Industrial Museum
  • 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Steam Motor Wagons, Tractors and Ploughs etc. see the 1917 Red Book
  • 1913-1917 For a list of the models and prices of Petrol Motors see the 1917 Red Book
  • 1914 Manufacturers of steam and manual fire engines, fire escapes, motor fire appliances and fire plant generally.[1]


  • Fire engine - (Horse drawn)
  • Steam powered Fire pumps
  • Fire fighting equipment specialists
  • Steam wagons
  • Ploughs
  • Petrol motors


Fire pump at the Bradford Industrial Museum

Shand-Mason steam fire pump Thorney at Hollowell Steam Rally 2011

Several examples of there fire fighting equipment and steam fire pumps survive in a number of museums and private collections. A number of the large country houses had there own fire pump and these were retained until mains water supplies and modern fire engines became common after WW II.

Known examples
  • Belfast Transport Museum - Shand-Mason fire pumps
  • Bradford Industrial Museum - Shand Mason Steam powered fire pump.
  • City of Chester - Steam fire pump exibited at shows by Chester Fire Brigade Preservation Group
  • Oxford Fire Pump - exhibited by Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Preservation Group(on loan from fire service college at Morten in the Marsh Oxfordshire).
  • Thorney - Restored Steam fire pump - sometimes demonstrated with a horse team pulling it to the arena.
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